The Power Of Preparation

If you are learning anything from a musical instrument to building a website, preparation is key. The power of preparatiThe key to learning anything, from learning a musical instrument to building a website, is preparation. The power of preparation becomes your power to change the outcome. When you play tug-of-war, no team wins because they were the most talented and least prepared. In most cases, the most prepared team wins. In life, whoever is prepared will succeed, and whoever isn’t will fail.

The Importance Of Your Environment

We learn best when we are in an environment where we’re going to be using the skill. For Example, if you’re going to be studying for an exam then you want to surround yourself with people that are learning with you. This will make it where you’re going to want to learn and you can quiz one another to help both of you.

Teach What Your Learning

When you teach what you learn, you can see the knowledge in perspective as soon as you learn it. This allows you to recognize gaps in your knowledge and transform it to make it more understandable for others. Thus, you gain a deeper understanding of the information and remember it for a longer period of time. Most people believe they can’t teach something unless they’re an expert on the subject, but that’s not true. The best teacher is not someone who is smarter than you, but someone who is one step ahead of you. You would rather learn from a guide than a guru because a guide shows you how it’s done but a guru knows already how to do it and is generally moving on to new things. Often, once we master a topic, after a period of time, a guru tends to forget the exact steps they took to get there. While they can offer great insight, they are less likely to offer a step-by-step, easy-to-follow process.  

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